The TRS-80 Epoch has been a long time dream of mine to create.

There are many great TRS-80 collectors out there who have created great web sites listing various documents and resources. The purpose of The TRS-80 Epoch is not to replace or decry the wonderful work those collectors do.

The TRS-80 Epoch represents a more formal cataloging of TRS-80 documentation (my current guess is about 4,000 documents). It may extend to software and hardware at a later date but it goes without saying that this is and will be work-in-progress for quite some time. The TRS-80 Epoch is METADATA rich and not only supports search on that METADATA but soon also on the document content.

Over a period of time we have tried a number of options to get The TRS-80 Epoch up and running including off the shelf products and even a bespoke, custom built solution. While I liked the bespoke solution its was becoming far too resource intensive to both maintain the site and do the necessary cataloging.  Elegant very fit for purpose solutions like SharePoint are just far too expensive for running a hobby based web site, particularly given the estimated volume of resources out there. 

To our great delight Mathias Peter IT-Systemhaus came to the rescue. Their fit-for-your-purpose approach solved the problems around cost and having the necessary systems and services to handle some heavy lifting of large document numbers. I'm sure I speak for the TRS-80 collector community in that we're very grateful for their support for our hobby. Please thank them for their support by visiting their website.

It also goes without saying that we'll be improving The TRS-80 Epoch as we go and learn about what collectors and enthusiasts are looking for.

Thank you.

The TRS-80 Epoch Webmaster