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Welcome to The TRS-80 Epoch.

This has been a long-time project of mine.

I am a classic computer collector and my actual collection is quite eclectic. But my main passion is the TRS-80.

While there are many great collectors of TRS-80 machines, software, peripherals and documentation out there it seemed to me that no-one had formally catalogued all the TRS-80 documentation.

With quite a number of constraints on shared web hosting it was difficult to find a solution. The cost of buying dedicated "grunt" was even more fore-boding. But over time things changed. The capability and cost of public facing shared web services grew in capacity and came down in price.

The next challenge was having a suitable system to run this. I'm expecting in excess of 3,000 documents, some running over 500 pages each. With the availability of web facing SharePoint the solution was a no-brainer - it was an out-of-the-box solution. But then MicroSoft changed their position on SharePoint. What a shame - with Content Types and in-built search it would have been awesome. I quite like SharePoint as a solution for this but its now not possible without huge investment.

The challenge then was to find something else that was like SharePoint. I tried all varieties of knowledge base systems, document management systems, content management systems etc. I even started having a crack at writing my own system but that was to be a huge job and I wasn't well resourced to do that.

But a solution finally came along that is feature rich and is particularly strong in the METADATA space. I was fortunate enough to acquire the most perfect domain name for this, trs-80.computer so The TRS-80 Epoch now had a chance at life.

I'll be adding content and features for quite some time so please check back every now and then to see what's happening here. Thank you! 

Kevin Parker
The TRS-80 Epoch