1982 Edition

Adelaide Micro User Group Newsletter August 1982 Anniversary Edition

Newsletter Editorial

I decided to squeeze in down here as it is probably time to reflect on changes that to some may not seem outstanding. Since we started this newsletter the club has increased in size five fold, with a large interstate membership. As time has passed, a very significant portion of our members have become anything but beginners and represent a much more diverse range of interests in software or hardware.

It is not surprising then that the club and newsletter have been a proving ground and individuals have increasingly been submitting articles or hardware projects developed here to national magazines (have to do a little bit of self indulgent back-slapping!!). I feel this trend has only been really apparent in the last 6 months and I am sure that, with a club growing at our rate, this will be even more significant.

I have also been pleased to see an increasing number of regular or semi-regular contributors. The only disadvantage to the members is the increasing cost of printing the even larger newsletter. To this end we have recently been contemplating formal advertising to offset costs. The anniversary issue is 3 times as large and costly to produce but has a few major advantages. Each seems to inspire a little extra effort from members and some develop a Christmas-like seasonal spirit. Also these particular issues seem to mark phases in our growth (both as a club and newsletter). If this keeps up I can see the day that the newsletter will have to have a dedicated group of people to put it out.

One concern for the future is the increasing difficulty in keeping up with all the special areas of interest that are developing purely within the domain of Tandy products. Gone are the days when the Model I was both the world and the universe. Tandy isn't helping with the looming spectre of yet more computers.

1982 Edition