1983 Edition

Adelaide Micro User Group Newsletter August 1983 Anniversary Edition

Newsletter Editorial

This issue marks the third anniversary issue of the newsletter and also marks another stage in our own growth. The club dates back longer though, to a time it was comprised of a core of original hackers who haunted an upstairs room in some 'dive' in Gawler Place. These were the days before computer shops and magazines. Even when we had less than 100 members, we had problems obtaining enough material for the newsletter or finding individuals with expertise to do certain tasks . Thankfully, many club activities are now shared very capably among many more. Even editorial work is being divided up because of its complexity and the day may come when your Esteemed Editor will be carried away in a white jacket and the newsletter will still appear despite him. Thanks to all those making the effort!!! The club will obviously change a lot yet and I am sure other activities , including the bulletin board, will add a lot to the facilities offered by the club. Personally, I feel the next year will be very interesting.