1984 Edition

Adelaide Micro User Group Newsletter August 1984 Anniversary Edition

Newsletter Editorial

After four years as editor of this newsletter, I now find myself trying to keep one eye on what I am doing here and also watch the clunking of the drives on the bulletin board. It would appear that most who have been with the club for any time are aware of a need for changing with the times. Indeed, the group of "hackers" of those times is very different to the club as it is now. I personally feel that the newsletter has become too diverse a job for one person and a number have been recently acting as sub-editors e.g. for the CoCo section. This ought continue and the transition for the new editor will not be easy and will need material so he doesn't have to worry about this as well at first.

Many thanks go to the silent sub-editor, my wife who has steadfastly read every bit of waffle that has passed through these pages in her job as proofreader and spelling checker.