1985 Edition

Adelaide Micro User Group Newsletter August 1985 Anniversary Edition

Newsletter Editorial

Well as I end the mammoth task of editting this, my first, Anniversary Edition of the newsletter I think I can be pleased with the result.

Thanks go to all those who contributed their time and efforts to submitting articles for inclusion in the newsletter, especially those who have done so for the first time. I would also like to thank those regular contributors who have made the job over the past year so easy and rewarding. I look forward to the same support in the next and future years of my editorship.

In this issue I have tried to provide a broad range of reading material from the light to the heavy, from the useful to the enlightening. I hope you enjoy the results of the efforts of all concerned.

After I had finished the rest of the newsletter (preceding these final comments) I received a letter frol Chuck Tessler of Prosoft. I had written to him asking him to outline his reasons for not selling software to Australians. It was too late to get it into this issue but I will definitely publish it next month. I think you will find his letter very thought-provoking.

This newsletter will also be the last, at least for a while, in which I publish any lists of definitions. I enjoy them but I realise others may prefer something a bit more substantial although I hope to maintain the same degree of humour in other ways.

On a closing note, there will also be another competition starting next month. Look forward to the TRS-80 Trivia Competition which will involve you trying to answer questions of trivia relating in some (possibly obscure) way to Tandy computers.