1986 Edition

Adelaide Micro User Group Newsletter August 1986 Anniversary Edition

From the Committee

At the committee meeting after the AGM the following officers were elected: Secretary, Rod Stevenson Treasurer, Dave Hollands; Editor, Ed Grigonis; there lere no nominations for Chairlmn, so this position will be appointed at each committee meeting for that meeting only. The co-opted members are: CoCo, Peter Turner; Public Relations, Helen Ross; exchanged newsletters and·"bargains co-ordinator", Roy Marting.

There was a discussion about the increased paqe size of last newsletter, which was done as a trial. As there las only one comment received that it doesn't fit an A4 folder, and commnets at the meeting were favourable, it was decided to continue with the extra length (which is the same cost as A4) to provide more information in each issue. The same reasoning was applied to the request to make the centre-margin larger to accommodate punched holes for a ring-binder. There was a suggestion to use either a concertina folder or a foolscap folder, both of which are sold cheaply (around $2) on special from time to time by the stationery shops such as Sands McDougall.

A major discussion took place about what is the future of Our Group; nothing was resolved, as feedback from members is in short supply. It appears the decision of some years ago to widen our "umbrella" to embrace other machine has been a failure, in that although some mebers do have other machines, only the "traditional root" members with the Model 1/3/4 seem interested in participating; although the PC group has a regular interested attendance it too has proved to be not what was envisaged. Thus the Committee is aware of the problem, but doesn't know what to do. See Rod's Ramblings for his personal comments: this paragraph is the committee's.

Also at the committee meeting it was pointed out that members have a right to more of the committe's decisions reported in these pages, and in greater detail; hence the above paragraph. As always though, if something in these pages or elsewhere puzzles a member, anyone of the committee will be pleased to enlighten on the phone.

1986 Edition